Viveve Treatment

Viveve is a cryogen-cooled monopoly radio-frequency device that delivers heat deep into the vaginal tissues whilst protecting the delicate surface of the vagina. This deep heat acts by stimulating new collagen production.

A Viveve system is a one-off procedure, performed in the rooms which will take around one hour. It produces a significant decrease in symptoms of incontinence and improves vaginal laxity.

Many women Experience laxity of the vagina and bladder symptoms

Which are often caused by the stretching and distension of the vagina during childbirth. Age-related and hormonal changes of menopause may also compound these problems.

The Viveve system involves a single 40-minute vaginal treatment using radio-frequency heating to stimulate new collagen formation. This treatment tightens the vagina without the need for surgery. It takes up to 12 weeks to reach its full effectiveness and studies have shown sustained results for over 12 months. Both stress and urge incontinence are reduced, and both partners generally report that sex feels more like it used to before kids.