• Dr Sonya Jessup

    Dr Sonya Jessup

    BHB, MBChB, MReprodMed, FRANZCOG – Medical Director

    Dr Jessup is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRANZCOG) after completing undergraduate training at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. She studied further as a Fellow in Reproductive medicine and Endocrinology for three years before going on to achieve a Masters of Reproductive Medicine (UNSW). Advanced laparoscopic surgery and as well as general gynaecological surgery was a focus of her subspecialty training. She has attended training courses in Harley St, London with the European Society of Cosmetic Gynaecology ESAG and also with the International Cosmetic Gynaecology Conference (ICGC), UAE, Dubai. As a fertility and IVF specialist, Dr Jessup has personally managed thousands of IVF and fertility cycles at both corporate and small IVF Clinics and now sees her Fertility patients through Shire IVF based at Miranda.


    The Elsa Clinic also treats women with a carefully considered selection of some of the newest devices and technologies available worldwide to assist women to achieve the same quality of life they enjoyed prior children and after menopause. Dr Jessup considers the initial consultation as mandatory for women to obtain the correct treatment for their specific symptoms or problems. This includes a thorough history, examination, ultrasound scan, infection screening, blood and urine tests. Based on the results of the initial workup, clients are advised whether their individual situation would be best treated medically, surgically or whether they would be well suited to treatment with one of the newer specialised non-surgical options.


We offer innovative solutions for women’s health issues.