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Since 2018, The Elsa Clinic has not only been providing routine gynaecology care but also catering to women’s need for a sense of personal satisfaction with their sexual appearance and sexual function.

The Elsa Clinic is home to a carefully considered selection of some of the newest devices and technologies available to treat women’s intimate health conditions. This includes the first TGA approved Emsella Chair in Australia.

Other treatment options include the Viveve radiofrequency device for vaginal laxity and incontinence and the Juliet laser for vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness.

What We Do

Dr Sonya Jessup is a female surgical gynaecologist and fertility specialist who has been working in her specialty fields for over 15 years. In 2019 she set up The Elsa Clinic, a functional and aesthetic gynaecology clinic to provide not only an excellence in routine gynaecology care, but additionally to acknowledge and assist women in their desire for personal satisfaction with their sexual appearance and sexual function.

Who We Treat

It is common for Dr Jessup to see mothers, daughters, and grandmothers from the same family for all gynaecological requirements. These may range from contraception and cervical screening tests to fertility issues and on to postmenopausal health encompassing all assessments treatments and surgeries involved.