Dr Sonya Jessup / The Elsa Clinic

Functional & Aesthetic Gynaecology

The Elsa Clinic

Dr Sonya Jessup is a female surgical gynaecologist and fertility specialist who has been working in her specialty fields for over 20 years.

In 2019 Dr Jessup set up The Elsa Clinic, a functional and aesthetic gynaecology clinic to provide not only an excellence in routine gynaecology care, but additionally to acknowledge and assist women in their desire for personal satisfaction with their sexual appearance and sexual function.

The Elsa Clinic treats women of all ages from teenagers and young women to mothers and post menopausal women. As well as all usual gynaecological surgeries and treatments, we also treat women with a carefully considered selection of some of the newest devices and technologies available worldwide. These new machine treatments available assist mothers in achieving the same quality of life they enjoyed before carrying and delivering their children. We devote a lot of focus to women with incontinence problems both after children and after menopause and use the Emsella Chair, the Emsculpt lower abdominal treatment, the Viveve radio frequency vaginal tightening device and the Julie laser as required to maximise outcomes.

Non-Surgical Options
For your peace of mind, we have a variety of non-surgical options to get you the results you want.
Personalised Service
Dedicated to delivering impeccable personalised service to our patients, when you come to us, you can expect a unique experience every time.
We’re Passionate
We are passionate about women’s gynaecological health not only for function but for achieving personal satisfaction.
Comprehensive Range
At The Elsa Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of services specialising in women’s health. No matter what you need, you can guarantee we’ll do it for you.