Pregnancy & Menopause – two big changes for your body

Being Women’s Health week there is no better time to bring to light women’s issues that have traditionally been swept under the carpet. As a woman your health is sometimes put off as the last thing on your agenda, but isn’t it about time that you make it a bigger priority? Pregnancy and menopause can […]

Cosmetic gynaecology – what is it and who gets it?

Whether it’s for form or function, there’s plenty you can do to rejuvenate your lady garden! Just a couple of generations ago, we weren’t too worried about appearances when it came to the old vulva. Even as changes occurred due to childbirth or menopause it was just kind of accepted that that’s how things were. […]

Incontinence – Unwanted, inconvenient and just not very sexy!

Gynaecologist, Dr Sonya Jessup brings this difficult topic out into the open and looks at what can be done about it. After we grow up from toddlers to children, having full control of our bladders is something we learn to take for granted. We can run, jump, laugh and play at complete ease. As teenagers […]