Vaginal Prolapse Repair

Vaginal childbirth is a natural part of the life cycle for many women, but sometimes the stretching of the vaginal tissues results in a permanent laxity that worsens with time. If the uterus and cervix begin to protrude through the vagina or if the front or back wall of the vagina begin to bulge to the point they are evident outside the vagina, then surgery is often indicated.

This involves a surgical procedure in the operating theatre at Waratah Private Hospital and sometimes one night overnight stay on the ward. Some patients do not have extreme bulges, but either they or their partners notice that there is a “laxity” in the vaginal tissues that seem to detract from normal sexual function.

Dr Jessup specialises in vaginal “regeneration” to correct any deficiencies and return the vagina as close as possible to the pre-baby state.