Menopausal symptoms fall into two major categories:

Able to be lessened with the non-hormonal medicine Promensil

GSM can be helped by using either vaginal oestrogen or vaginal testosterone or can be treated very effectively with vaginal lasers.

Many women live with the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause without realising treatment is available.

Juliet is a new treatment,

Which is a gentle laser therapy (using what is called an Erbium Laser) that very effectively treats the vaginal symptoms of menopause, including:
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Pain and discomfort during intercourse

The Juliet laser treatment

Is also suitable for women experiencing any of these symptoms at any age before menopause. Women who have had, or who are at risk of, breast cancer can seek relief of these symptoms without the need for hormone replacement therapy.

The single treatment takes less than 20 minutes and is performed by Dr Jessup in our private treatment room. The procedure does not require anaesthesia – it is fast, painless and discreet with very low risk of side effects and minimal downtime. The results are generally immediate and life-changing.

Vaginal laser rejuvenation is a new and exciting way of restoring tissue health to reverse the effects of aging with no surgery.