Properly known as Hymenoplasty,

This is a simple operation which is performed under general anaesthetic to restore the hymen to repair any tears in the hymen membrane as well as repair the appearance of your vaginal opening.

Your hymen is an internal membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina that can be damaged from strenuous physical activity, trauma, intercourse or tampons.

This is a procedure that can be performed for patients who want a higher sexual gratification or at the request of women who may need it for cultural or religious reasons.But nevertheless, there is no standard for what a vagina should look like.


The procedure itself involves a simple operation that involves the excision of the torn edges before stitching them with dissolvable sutures. While this procedure is not particularly invasive, the hymen has a secondary layer that will be sown up to cover the torn skin.

This treatment can take between 30mins or one hour to complete. But with our utmost focus placed on your comfort as our patient, we will ensure that this procedure will be completed in the most efficient time possible to avoid any complications. You will have access to the highest standard of care when you come to the Elsa Clinic.