Viveve Treatment and Vaginal Laxity

The Viveve radio-frequency is the treatment of choice in pre-menopausal women with vaginal laxity. It is not a laser, and provides a superior option for pre-menopausal women, with healthy vaginal mucosa who require a deeper type of treatment that aims to improve the vaginal collagen and create a natural collagen sub-urethral tightening to treat incontinence.

An initial consultation with a gynaecologist is required to assess the baseline functional and aesthetic problems and whether surgical and/or non medical treatment is needed.

We understand that having kids will place a huge demand on your body. One of the most affected, and least discussed, issues is that of the vagina being stretched to the max. This causes a feeling of looseness and decreased feeling of sensation and sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

Viveve Treatment is a non-surgical treatment that will tighten and tone your vaginal canal. The radio frequency energy combined with cryogen cooling will penetrate through the mucosal tissues to act directly on the collagen layer to stimulate cellular collagen growth. It is then over a 12 week period that the collagen remodels and strengthens to support the vaginal tissues and create an improved collagen hammock under the urethra. This acts a bit like a “natural” sling to decrease the stress incontinence.

This treatment is performed in the comfort of our clinic and typically takes 40 minutes.

It is a well-tolerated procedure that doesn’t require anaesthesia. With little to no downtime, you can go back to your normal activities following the procedure with the expectation of no sexual intercourse for 48 hours.

The Viveve can increase your feeling of vaginal tightness. Treating the vaginal opening and the vulval tissues will also provide a visible and cosmetic outcome. The partners of women commonly comment that intercourse feels more like it did prior to having kids.

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