At The Elsa Clinic

We offer innovative solutions for women’s health issues.

We have combined the best traditional gynaecology with contemporary treatments so that we can maximise women’s health and wellbeing.

Our clinic attracts a wide range of clients. Ranging from teenagers who can’t insert a tampon in their vagina due to a tight hymen to mothers wanting to enjoy sexual intercourse the way they did before childbirth. Even 70-somethings are wanting to correct misshapen labia that they have had to live with for years.

Whatever their age and perceived problem

Dr Jessup insists that all new clients undergo a gynaecology consultation, even if “they only want a non-surgical treatment”. Dr Jessup believes the gynaecological consultation is essential for women’s health and safety. This is what sets The Elsa Clinic apart in a market rapidly filling with other businesses offering the same or similar non-surgical devices.

Following the return of the results from the consultation (which includes an internal examination, ultrasound scan, infection screening and blood tests), Dr Jessup is then able to recommend the best medical, surgical, and non-surgical treatment options for each woman.