Red & Near Red LED Treatment

Until recently, Western reproductive medicine has maintained that ageing and declining egg quality is an irreversible process. However, research with Low Light Laser Therapy LLLT – Red light and near infra-red light therapy, performed in Denmark and Japan, is showing that it may be possible to improve egg quality, slow down the ageing process, and significantly improve fertility in women and men.

The female egg has several hundred times more mitochondria than any other part of the body. When mitochondrial function declines, the quality of eggs drops, and infertility sets in. Studies have found that using red light therapy displaces nitric oxide from being absorbed by cells and allows more ATP to be produced by the mitochondria of the cells. These factors are beneficial to female reproduction.

Improved fertility and low-level laser therapy

Similarly, Japanese studies have shown a connection between improved fertility and low-level laser therapy, concluding that LLLT can help improve the woman’s chances of conception. Under the direction of Dr Toshio Ohshiro at Sanno Hospital, an extended trial on LLLT was performed in 701 severe infertile patients, 156 (22.3%) of whom became pregnant. This resulted in a successful live birth rate in over half (50.1%) of those pregnancies. Is a female limited to a certain amount of eggs and is there a biological clock that is ticking and once it runs out the baby-making days are over? Her metabolism only limits a woman. Red light therapy can increase the metabolism making her more fertile and more likely to have a baby.

Studies show that the mitochondria of older eggs are not so good at producing ATP. However, the rate of division and successful implantation of embryos has more to do with how much energy (ATP) than with maternal age. After 35 years the mitochondria wear down. At age 40, nine out of 10 eggs are abnormal. If you are planning on having a baby or having trouble conceiving, then red light therapy will increase your odds and also increase your life energy so you can make more robust and healthy offspring. Red light therapy can also increase fertility in men too, as it has been shown to increase testosterone levels and also improve sperm motility.