O Shot

The PRP clitoral injection was first introduced and patented by Dr Charles Runell Platelet rich plasma (PRP) contain s growth factors that increase cellular growth at the site of injection. Used widely medically in fields of orthopaedics, infertility and cosmetic medicine, injections of a patients own concentrated platelets appear to have positive effects on growth of the targeted tissue. Some women have genetically large clitoris and have no problems with vaginal arousal and orgasm.

For women with a smaller clitoris, the addition of PRP can assist with sensuality and orgasim with intercourse. Very strong numbing cream is first applied to the clitoris and then a vial of blood is taken from the patient and spun down to concentrate the platelets. A 1 ml injection of this concentrated fluid takes approximately 1 minute and results in an increased sensation that can last for weeks or months.