Monsplasty Surgery

Monsplasty (also known as a pubic lift) is the go to surgery for the reduction of the mons pubis. This is a procedure that will reduce and tighten the skin and tissue of the mons pubis.

The mons pubis, also known as the pubic mound, is that fatty area right above your genitals.

The mons pubis function is to protect the pubic bone and joint from injury, but this can begin to sag due to:

  • Age
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth

This can affect both the aesthetic and function.

The procedure

Can either be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation (depending on the extent of the procedure). Recovery can take up to one week with another 1-5 weeks restriction on physical activity.

The results of monsplasty is that there will be a lower profile of monsplasty that typically projects less in clothing, while other patients will have less hanging after the removal of the excess skin.