Incontinence Solutions & Vaginal Laxity

Over the last decade, Dr Jessup has been treating women of all ages for many different reasons, but one thing most women who have had children have in common is some degree of incontinence and vaginal laxity.

For many women, bladder control is a constant daily concern with multiple visits to the bathroom at night, urgent dashes to attempt to reach a toilet in time, and frequent embarrassing leakage of urine.

Two main events in life trigger changes in our bladder function. The first is having babies. The second is going through menopause. For 1 in 5 women, their bladder function never returns to normal after having a child, and they are left with incontinence issues for the rest of their lives.

Women can experience stress urinary incontinence;

That is a leakage of urine with a cough, sneeze, running or heavy lifting, or they may experience urge incontinence which is a sudden and intense need to urinate.

There are many options available to help rectify incontinence ranging from physiotherapist led pelvic floor exercises to surgery.

After seeing many issues first hand from pelvic mesh and slings for pelvic reconstructive surgeries, Gynaecologist Dr Sonya Jessup set out to find a safe and effective non-surgical option for patients.