Gynaecology & Surgery

Dr Jessup is a specialised laparoscopic surgeon who performs a full range of major gynaecological surgeries including laparoscopic treatment for endometriosis, hysterectomy and vaginal prolapse repair.

As a specialist female gynaecologist and surgeon with daughters herself, Dr Jessup is well aware of the importance it is for many women to see a female gynaecologist.

Just like other areas of our body, we are all individuals, and there are slight differences in our external genitalia. Most of these differences are common variations of normal, but sometimes there can be functional and practical reasons for cosmetic procedures to be carried out.

As a female gynaecologist,

Dr Jessup frequently is approached to perform a minor surgical procedure in her consulting rooms at Miranda or at the operating theatres at Waratah Private Hospital.

Common procedures include marsupialisation of Bartholin’s cysts, hymen surgery (opening or repairing), as well as the removal of minor vulval lumps or skin tags or warts. Dr Jessup regularly sees all ages of patients from teenagers to pensioners for these types of procedures.