Egg Freezing

As a woman and a mother of three daughters, Dr Jessup is strongly in support of women  who wish to freeze their eggs. Young eggs have a far lower risk of aneuploidy ( abnormal genetics) than eggs from older women. Dr Jessup believes that if a women is in the position financially to be able to freeze her eggs when she is young, this may give her invaluable additional opportunities in the future. Women who choose to freeze eggs on a social basis may never need to use these eggs, and that is a great outcome. Some of these women however will not meet a partner until later in life or will re-marry and want to have a child when they are towards the end of their natural reproductive lifespan. For women who know that they have a family history of early menopause or who have medical reasons for decreased fertility, if this is identified, a medicare rebate will apply allowing the freezing of eggs whilst they still have the potential to result in a family.

Freezing eggs gives power to women. It is a proactive step to counteract the stressors placed on women in today’s social and economical world. With time, I will advise all my daughter’s to freeze some eggs. They are all individuals and may choose to follow this advise or not, but as a strong advocate for women, I feel that assisting women to make a powerful choice is part of my role.

Freezing eggs is not difficult. After seeing Dr Jessup, you will be given medications to start on the third day of your period You may have one injection that lasts for 7 days or an injection every day for 7 days depending on your age and circumstance. At some point a second injection will be introduced to stop you accidentally releasing the eggs too early. The egg collection will take place under general anaesthetic or sedation so you are comfortable the entire way through the process. In general, we recommend that women freeze the eggs from at least 3 cycles to give them the best chance of conceiving going forward.

If you are interested at all in preserving your fertility, please make an appointment to talk with me about the role of freezing eggs in your current situation. My main aim is to make sure that women who want to have children have access to all the options that are available to help them reach that goal.

Freezing eggs is like doing a simple IVF cycle.

After an initial consultation, blood tests and an ultrasound scan of the uterus and ovaries you will be educated about how to when and how to stimulate the small immature eggs present at the beginning of your period.

Daily injections are given into your tummy to create up to 8-10 eggs that will be collected under light sedation or general anesthetic via a needle attached to the vaginal ultrasound iodine-containing probe.

Once collected, the eggs are quickly frozen and can stay this way until they may be required for use. In general, we recommend that women freeze the eggs from at least three cycles to give them the best chance of conceiving going forward.