Active & Upright Falls Prevention Program

Staying physically active is the single most important thing we can do to stay fit and independent.

As we grow older we lose muscle strength and a sense of balance and this can lead to a fall. The more active we remain, the better the chance of keeping our muscles strong, our joints mobile and maintaining good balance.

Staying active reduces our risk of a fall, which helps keep us independent and improves our overall health and wellbeing. Having a strong core body strength is one of the most important things we can do to continue to exercise as we age without backache.

The difficulty, however, in maintaining a strong core with exercise often appears when other medical conditions such as hip pain, osteoarthritis, knee joint osteoarthritis or issues like incontinence prevent us from doing the normal physical activities we used to do when we were younger.

The good news is that we now have access to the BTL HIFEM technology which means we can exercise  our abdominals, our gluteal muscles and our pelvic floor muscles without having to do any active exercise at all. These weakened muscle groups are contracted in a way that decreased fascial tightness, and bulks up the involved muscles to a much greater level than can be achieved with natural exercise. This increased muscle bulk continues to remain for 12-18 months after a treatment session Providing the individual does not have a pacemaker or other electrical device implanted and does not have large metal implants such as metal knee or hip joints.

The Emsella Pelvic floor chair

The BTL Emsella chair uses HIFEM ( High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic energy) to produce 11,000 supra-maximal pelvic floor muscle contractions in each of six 30 minute sessions. The aim of these supra-maximal muscle contractions is to restore neuromuscular control to the stretched abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles which support the bladder. Unlike pelvic floor Kegal exercises, strong muscular improvement can be achieved even by women who have no perceived sensation from the muscles they are trying to contract. In all women, the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and improved dramatically, the vaginal walls are tightened and urinary and urge incontinence are maximally decreased.

The Emsculpt Abdominal strength treatment and gluteal strength treatments

The BTL Emsculpt uses the same HIFEM energy to produce 20,000 supra maximal abdominal contractions in a 30 minute session. These machine produced supra-maximal muscle contractions are not achievable by voluntary muscle action. They produces both a larger quantity and a larger number of muscle fibres in the targeted muscle groups and the paddles can be placed to directly target the lower TZone muscles that best support the core.

The Elsa Clinic program for older individuals involves a treatment course of 6 x 30 min sessions on the Emsella chair, spaced approximately twice weekly for three weeks. The Emsculpt treatment for abdominal core strength course involves 4 x 30 minute sessions as does the Emsculpt treatment for Gluteal activation. Some women also wish to have a course of Arm treatments which bulks up the Tricpes and Biceps both improving arm strength and decreasing the appearance of “ Tuck-shop” arms.

You can mix and match the treatments to suit your particular requirements and packages are available to decrease the costs for those having treatments in more than one area.